Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and had perfect weather for it!

I had heard about Pigeon Roost last year from multiple people, but we had just moved back into town and were on the complete opposite side of town so we just went to the two I was already familiar with.  But this year I knew I wanted to try this place out!

Olivia thought about going down the slide for about two seconds and then chickened out.  I have no idea what her deal is with slides...

They had a TON of stuff... I mean a TON.  Don't you know her favorite was this little plastic house that had nothing to do with a farm or pumpkin patch. We literally had to pry her away from it and she kept begging to go back... :/

Logan was up early then fell back asleep and slept really late--like he woke up for the day around the time he goes down for his first nap.  So since his schedule was all off, we decided to not plan our day around his naps and hope that it worked out.  It did.  Michael wore him and he was asleep within 40 minutes of getting to the farm.  He slept for at least an hour (which is good, considering) and then also took another hour nap later in the day.  Yes, we were there THAT long.

Olivia wanted to do the mini maze, which was actually a small field of soy beans.

Next we went through the enchanted forest

Then a lady offered to take a family picture.  Logan was asleep and Olivia looks thrilled, huh?

love at first sight

Logan woke up and we plopped him in the corn.  He was less than impressed.

Next we went on a hay ride.  Logan wasn't so sure at first and snuggled into mommy.  He warmed up to it though, and Olivia had a good time.

Next up was the corn maze!

 We were there nearly 4 and a half hours and didn't even do it all!  We will definitely go back next year!

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