Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let it Snow!

Olivia got her first chance to play in snow yesterday.  She saw snow last year on Christmas day, but we weren't really able to get out and play in it.  We had a dusting last week too, which got her excited, but it wasn't enough to play in.  So when the snow started to fall on Monday night, Michael and I made plans to take Olivia out to play in it.  She woke up to a white wonderland and she was SO excited!

She wasn't sure about walking in it until Michael went out and started rolling the snow.  It was great packing snow!

Once she saw that it was alright, she was off!

Michael showed her how to make a snowball.  Don't mind his gloves!  Of course neither of us could find our gloves, so he just grabbed a pair of gardening gloves out the garage. :)

This is another benefit of having Michael work from home!  He got to experience the fun with us.  It was dark by the time he got off work, so this wouldn't have been able to happen with him otherwise.

She got hit with a snowball. ;)

She tried throwing one back... only half of it stuck to her mitten.

This is fun!

Rolling a big ball

She kept talking about the beautiful trees...

So of course she had to hug one.  Don't ask.  I have no idea why she likes to hug trees.

She kept shaking the snow off of the trees and then laughing this huge (fake) belly laugh.  Apparently she cracks herself up!

Ha ha!

Leaving peanuts for the squirrels

She kept having Michael shake the snow off the branches onto her as well.

We love the snow!

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