Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

There are absolutely no kids in our neighborhood.  Most of the people have been here for decades and their kids have come and gone.  So we drove over about two blocks and went trick or treating there.

Rain was in the forecast, so they moved trick or treat times from 6 to 8 up to 5:30 to 7.  We had dinner and then headed out around 6.

There was no picture with mommy this year.  I looked like a drowned rat about two seconds after getting out of the car. :(

I was so bummed about her bucket.  I spent a lot of time and some money last year making her an adorable personalized bucket that she could use year after year.  We looked through all of our boxes at least 3 times each.  We cannot find it anywhere. :(  So we bought a bag from Meijer over the weekend.  I'm sure we will find the long lost bucket next week...

Olivia didn't mind the rain one bit.  She kept commenting on the fact that Boppa and Mommy both had umbrellas and she stepped in all of the puddles she could.

I was sort of missing how all the houses in Texas were right on top of each other.  We had quite a bit to walk between each house.  Michael carried her some, but carrying her and the big umbrella proved to be quite the workout!

She got comments from almost every house and even some passerbyers on how cute/adorable/beautiful she was.  One lady even started caressing her cheeks and having a one on one conversation with her while 8 kids waited behind us (in the rain!).  She gave Olivia 3 handfuls of laffy taffy!

We heard a minimum of 3 times that she had the best costume of the night and was by far the cutest. :)

She said "trick or treat" at a few houses, and we tried to get her to at least say "thank you".

She wasn't too interested in collecting candy at boo at the zoo, so I wasn't sure how it was going to go but she got really into it!  She liked the houses that let her pick her own candy out.  The first house told her to take 2, so she thought she should get multiple pieces at each house.  Most people didn't care since she was so cute.

We walked up one side of the street and back down the other.  We hit about 15 houses.  She didn't want to quit, but it was coming to the 7 o'clock end time and we were back to our car.

 We headed home.  She ran right in and dumped her bag!

We let her have the one pack of M&M's that she got.  She has never had them before.  She's actually had very limited candy, so this was special treat.  She loved them.  She also ate a kit kat bar!  I think she might have a sweet tooth like her Boppa!

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  1. She is growing so fast! :) It's amazing to see the difference!

    Love you!