Friday, November 5, 2010

Five for Friday

The dealer fixed the tire valves for free.  Good thing.  It would have been $160 PER TIRE to fix each sensor and someone would have probably had to see me go a little crazy on Mr. Dealer. :)  Thankfully, all is worked out and fixed.

Michael and I are staying with my sister's kids (and stow away niece) this weekend.  She is out of town on business.  I have already gone to a tennis banquet.  We have planned family game night for tonight too.  It should be good times.  Things have been so crazy the past few weeks that I am looking forward to a weekend of sitting around and not doing much of anything.  I am, however, reminded of why I don't want a dog.  First thing this morning I stepped in pee.  We have also had FOUR poop incidents.  Yep, no thank you.

My boss is sending us to Texas next weekend to check it out (all expenses paid).  We are looking forward to it.  We leave Thursday afternoon and come back Sunday afternoon.  It will be nice to go and check it out.  We don't have many plans.  We will possibly look at housing and maybe look into job opportunities for Michael.  Also, I want to go watch bull riding at Billy Bob's Honky Tonk.  LOL!

There was suppose to be a possibility of flurries this morning, and I'm not going to lie--it made me a little happy.  We've had a crazy summer as far as weather goes.  We've had a pretty warm fall too.  I'm ok with a little snow before I go.

The number one most asked question about our move has to do with our condo.  What are we going to do?  Well, we talked to our realtor and selling doesn't look good.  Not many one bedrooms have sold in the last six months, and the one that did was a bank owned.  It sold for a crazy low price, and
unfortunately that is our comparable.  So we're thinking about renting.  However, our condo association has a rule that only a certain percentage of units can be rented.  They are at that number and we are number 37 on the waiting list.  The by-laws did say that exceptions would be made for medical or financial hardships.  Michael not having a job and me losing my job if I don't go is a financial hardship in my book.  So we wrote a letter asking for an exception and are waiting to hear.  If they say no, then we will try to sell it for rock bottom prices and have to bring a butt load of money to closing (which we don't necessarily have).  That's where we're at.  Some might think it's crazy for us to leave when this is our housing situation.  We feel like we would be facing this same fact whether we stay or whether we go.  It's ONE BEDROOM--we're going to have to move sometime.  We've been wanting to leave for a while now and we would be able to stay that much longer--a year or two maybe.  So we don't feel like we are too crazy trying to get rid of it now.

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  1. God will work everything out! I'm so excited for you guys! have a fun non-eventful weekend, we're finally having one of those this weekend too! Love ya!!