Monday, November 15, 2010


We had a great time in Texas.  Our flight got in Thursday evening.  After doing all the necessary airport stuff (waiting for bags, getting rental car), we headed to our hotel.  From there we went out to find a place to eat and explore.  We ended up at a place called Blue Mesa Grill, which was Mexican.  Turns out there is a lot of Mexican type food down there.  It was good though.

From there we went straight to the Super Target we had passed!
Neither of us had ever been, and we were dying to check it out.  It was AWESOME. 
It was huge and had tons of selection.  We walked the perimeter of the food section to sort of compare prices.  It seemed pretty good to me.  Their milk was $1.29!!!  I don't know if that's a Texas thing or if that's just Super Target's deal of the week, but that is almost half the price of what it is here in Ohio.

That was the end of our Thursday.  It was getting late and with all the travel and time change, we were ready for a good nights sleep.

We ended up getting up super early on Friday.  We didn't plan to, but our bodies woke up and we couldn't get back to sleep so we figured we'd get a start on the day.  I didn't get too many pictures of the day.  It was a lot of driving around and a lot of talking to people about apartments.  Before we went apartment hunting though, we checked out the community college and talked to an adviser there.  We checked out five or six apartments and ate both breakfast and lunch at fun new places.  Oh, and we checked out the athletic center/rec center.  By 3 in the afternoon (4 home time), we were beat.  I guess that's what getting up at 6 does to you.  We went back to the hotel and took a nap.  After our nap we headed out to dinner, drove around an outdoor type mall that is amazing, and then went to check out IKEA.
Again, neither of us had ever been and we were super excited to check it out.  It is going to be so close to where we live.  We loved it!  From there we drove to the OTHER community college location.  It's the one Michael will need to go to for his type of classes.  It's a little farther away, which sucks, but is very nice compared to the community college here.

Saturday was another early morning.  We headed over to the trendy outside mall for breakfast.
We ate at this cute place.  SO yummy!

Everything there is made with brick or stone.  (We didn't even see any siding on the houses.)

The streets were so nice there.  No pot holes or other crazy things like the roads up here have.  The one difference is that there are service roads that run along side the freeways.  (Also, there are toll roads. :( ) Then at the end of the service roads you can do a u-turn to get to the other side of the free way.  It's very bizarre to me, but seems to make a whole lot of sense at the same time.

Oh and at the end of all the parking spaces there is this
You can park IN the space, just not OVER the space.

Other signs that we were in Texas
(Did you notice the BLUE skies, the GREEN grass and the fact the leaves are still ON the trees?)

We also ended up at another mall to get a map, but ended up scoping it out.  It was huge.

We also put a deposit on an apartment that we liked.
It's a luxury apartment, but we'll be getting two months free with their promotion so it will all work out.  We are getting a two bedroom/two bath and it's in a gated area with a beautiful sea salt water.  It has other great amenities.  It's only been around for a year, so we don't have to worry about old or damaged stuff.  Also, all new apartments in Frisco have to be built energy efficient, so it has energy efficient windows/appliances and some special grade insulation.
On our last morning there we ate breakfast at our hotel.  I got a waffle.  :)

Overall, we loved it.  Everything was VERY, VERY nice.  It was a safe and clean city.  The buildings all looked brand new.  It is definitely a well and up and coming community, and we are excited to be a part of it.


  1. Sonja & I already decided that we're taking a no-kids vacation to Texas next year to visit you! :)

  2. Looks very nice!! :-) I am sure you both will love it!!

    I will miss you tho!! :-(