Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cool Kid Find

Alright, I realize this is super late in the day and some of you might not check back until tomorrow morning... that's because I wasn't going to post.  I've had yet another busy week and am about to have a busy weekend.  However, I happened to be browsing through the blogs that I follow and came across something I thought was pretty cool.  I know I have a lot of young mom's (at least my cousins) that might appreciate this. 

It's a bumpy name label.  I'm sorry, but I think this is genius!  It's a stretchy plastic band that slides over bottles, sippy cups, etc.  It comes in a variety of different  colors and your child's name is engraved on it.  I'm thinking this would be awesome for kids that go to a daycare or are even dropped off in a church nursery.  It's dishwasher safe, and from what I've heard are super durable and useful.
It's also suppose to be easy for small hands to grip.

Stocking stuffers anyone?

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