Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Photo Dump

If you remember, our summer goals were to use what we have and spend less.  We didn't do all of the activities I had in mind (like using all of the felt in the garage), but we did use a lot of toys and craft supplies that hadn't been seen in a while.

Sunday afternoon naps?!? ;)

My kids spent an entire Sunday afternoon changing their clothes and get ups.  This was fun for them. ha!

Olivia got these LAST YEAR for her birthday.  She was almost finished with one, so she completed it.  Then she started on the second one she got.  Logan played with all the play doh!  He loves play doh!

Just when I'm ready to get rid of a toy, they start playing with it again.

Yes, she is wearing one of Logan's 2T shirts...
Playing with buttons and beads.

We made cloud dough.  Olivia enjoyed helping measure and make it, but she only played with it for about 2 minutes.  Then she was over it and went to play in her room.  Logan, on the other hand, loves sensory type things.  He played with it for a very long time and then asked for it every day for a week until I hid it because I was tired of cleaning up after it. :)

Watching a butterfly come out of it's chrysalis

The city next to us has a giant fourth of July event the weekend before the 4th.  It's huge and they are suppose to have some of the best fireworks around.  We aren't fight the crowds and the heat type of people, so we skipped the actually event.  We just drove over in our pajamas right before the fireworks show.  We got an accidental great spot in a school parking lot.  We sat in the back of the mini van, ate some cookies and drank some juice boxes and watched the show.  It was perfect for us.

I think this was Logan's first fireworks show.  Or at least the first one he could appreciate.  He did go to one as a baby.

A Logan selfie :)


We did a quit stop for a few vegetables at a store near our house.  They had kiddie carts and Olivia was in heaven helping me out.

I love that she has a desk calendar.  It's so Olivia.  And her decorations are always the best.  If you can't tell that's Flag day, Michael for Father's day, the first day of summer, and Moana for her birthday. :)

We heard about this youtube channel called "Draw So Cute" where they teach you how to draw Disney princesses (and many, many other things), so we gave it a try.  Olivia has fallen in love.  She will sit and draw for as long as you let her.  If you have a budding artist, you may want to check it out too.

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