Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer Bucket List and other Fun

We worked on our summer bucket list during most of June and some of July.  We added a few other things in the mix too.
We grew some butterflies!  The kit came with our Kindgergarten curriculum, but we we hit the lesson sometime around February.  Obviously you can't grow them and let them go then, so we waited.

We got 5 caterpillars in the mail and 4 made it all the way through the process.  The kids (and Michael!) loved watching them grow and change.

Then we had to let them go!

We made some chocolate covered pretzels.

Which the kids loved, of course.

Our finished product

We did an experiment with eggs.  We put them in water, vinegar, soda, and orange juice and watched what happened over a period of a few days.  (The vinegar was the most interesting!  The shell disappeared, it got bigger and was rubbery.  We even bounced it until it splattered.)

We did a random lunch IN Chick-fil-a and played in the play place.  We rarely eat inside, because we all know how crazy the play place can get!

We attempted to ride scooters.  Although Olivia wants a little kid one like Logan's.

(Pay no attention to our dead grass.  We're working with Tru green and trying to get our landlord to help with a tree situation we have. Ugh.)

We made chocolate pudding pops.

Stir it up, stir it up!

We made strawberry lemonade ones another time too.

We watched water (and color) travel!

It was a fun centerpiece for a while.

More to come!

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