Friday, August 4, 2017

Play Street Museum

We've been to the Play Street in Frisco and McKinney, so it got added to our summer bucket list.  A new one was just opening up in Allen, less than 10 minutes from our house!

We went during their first few weeks where you had to have a reservation.
Each Play Street has a different theme.  This one was transportation.

Of course they had a lot of the same things, like the arts and crafts table.

and besides the "Travel Agency" they also had a place for food and a home... because kids love play food and cleaning supplies!

Lots of buttons and switches--perfect for Logan!

After a long day of travel, Logan threw in a load of laundry!

Matching his letters

Since we went during the first few weeks with a reservation, we only had a 2 hour window.  We were busy the entire time.  The kids loved it!

We are actually going back again this afternoon to meet a group of friends.  I love these indoor opportunities during the blazing Texas summer.

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  1. You have the cutest little peanuts! :)

    Love you B!