Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Fun

All the things have come to an end for summer--MOPS, Life Group, school, art class.  We do have a few church play dates on the calendar, but for the most part my goals are similar to last year.

Do less. Spend less.

Olivia started asking about our summer bucket list in March.  Girlfriend remembers everything.  We just made ours last week, and are getting ready to kick things off.  A lot of it is the same every year.  Olivia's one request was the sno cones, but she was excited about all of it.

You can see that I signed her up for two things.  She'll be doing a little camp at the church across the street.  She usually goes to VBS there, but they do the elementary one at night and I didn't like that.  Her old preschool teacher runs the camp.  It's a mix of music, movement, building, and then stories and snacks. It's only a few hours in the morning, so nothing major. She'll also go to VBS at the church where we've gone to MOPS for the last few years.  Other than that, we'll be keeping a low profile.

My other goal for this summer is to USE WHAT WE HAVE.  We have half used craft projects, games that don't get played enough, beads, dozens of coloring books, etc.  Plus, in an effort to keep clearing out my garage, we are going to use the random things I have collected throughout the years.  So I've been searching Pinterest for ways for kids to use felt, yarn, plastic Easter eggs...  Good bye with all of the things!  So we are going to use up the consumable things.  While we are playing with the games and toys and such, I'm going to be weeding out the things that we have outgrown or don't really like any more.  

All that saved money, and any money we get from selling old stuff can go directly into our Disney fund.  It's a win for all!  Besides the 39 cents it cost to buy the poster board, all of the other things were what we already had on hand.  We're already off to a good start! :)

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  1. I have loved reading your blog again! And I didn't know Olivia would be at FBC VBS- we will look for her :)