Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Builders Camp

Last week Olivia had her camp.  I mentioned before, but this is at the church that is like 2 minutes from our house.  She's attended multiple VBS programs in the past there, and her old preschool teacher was the leader of the camp.

This is separate from their VBS.  It as a camp designed specifically for 3 to 6 year olds.  You did have to pay a fee, which kept it on the smaller side.  (Their VBS run in the hundreds and they break it into 2 sessions!)
It was a builders/lego theme and was all about building your life on God's foundation.

They were grouped by age.  Each group went through different rotations throughout the morning.  They had a Bible story, music time, craft, snack, movement, and games.

Logan wasn't quite tall enough for the cut out.  He told me on the first day that he wanted to stay.  I told him that I could have signed him up, had he been potty trained. But he's not.  Choices! ;)

Olivia loved it.  I had no doubt.

On the last day they had a little program where they sang some songs and recited the theme verse.

Then afterwards they had pizza and cake for everyone.

Camp for Olivia: Check!

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