Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Minivan Life

We did have a little excitement back in March!

To give you a little back story... 

We sold Michael's car when we moved back to Ohio.  He was working from home and we only needed one car.  When he went back to work and needed a car, we weren't in the position to buy anything extravagant.  He got a used Acura.  It was old ('96), but it only had one owner and was in excellent condition.  The price was right, and that is what he had been driving for the past 3 years.  But then one day it just stopped working.  He had it taken in and they told him that almost all of the parts were original and they just needed to be replaced.  But the costs was in the thousands--waaaay more than it was worth.

So we spent that weekend buying a minivan!!!  Michael has wanted a minivan for years.  You heard that right.  It was his top wish list car! (Outside of a Lamborghini, of course)  And I'm not a mini van hater.  I mean, I love my Santa Fe, but minivan's are nice too.

I don't have any pictures of the kids climbing around the back, but they were both OVER THE MOON excited about the minivan.  Seriously.  They thought it was thee coolest thing they ever saw.  Ha!  It's the little things.

So that left us with 3 cars.  The Acura didn't work, but we figured we could at least sell it for parts or to a mechanic or something.  Every mechanic or tow truck driver that has ever looked at it has commented on how well it was taken care of.  We figured someone would snag it up and fix it.

But then the day after we bought the minivan we got a hail storm.  I got a heads up from Facebook that it was coming our way. So Michael and I scrambled to get the minivan in the garage, but there was no room for the other 2 cars.  The hail was the size of golf balls, and we just watched as it damaged our cars.

It completely shattered the back windshield of the Acura.  And since it was so old, the windshield size was nearly impossible to find.  Then there were dents and dings ALL over it. It ended up totaling the car.  Which was a blessing in disguise.  We didn't have to mess with selling it.

The Santa Fe has a crack in the windshield and it has some dings too.  It has just the basic insurance on it, so we will have to live with the dents.  But it's paid off, so that works for us for now.

Then like 3 days later we got more hail!  But I couldn't put the mini van in the garage, because the windowless Acura was in there until insurance could come.  So I ran out in the downpour and threw a quilt over the minivan.  Desperate times call for desperate measures! :)

We are loving those sliding doors!  And it will be great for any road trips we take.  Now if we can just keep the hail away.  But this is North Texas.

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