Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Food Fun

We've been making some other fun food things lately.

After making the yogurt covered blueberries, I knew the kids would enjoy another recipe that Aunt Jenny sent.  It had a granola bottom and then yogurt on top.  Freeze it and they are small little frozen yogurt bites.

Logan loves helping!

The recipe had mixed berries on top.  It was close to grocery shopping day, so all I had was blueberries.  Olivia put them on a few.  Logan didn't want them on his, and I knew they would probably like them better without.

I don't think they've ever had granola before, but they really liked it.  So it was a win.

We also made chocolate covered strawberries.  Of course they were THRILLED with this.  (you know... since I didn't share the ones my sister sent. ha!)

Then we had them for dessert on Friday night.  Yummy!

She might have her father's sweet tooth! ;)

Then I made these for them.  Bonus: I had all the ingredients on hand except for the $1.25 tub of frosting.  I think I pinned a picture of these last summer and never got around to making them.  Olivia's only complaint is that she wanted to make one herself.  Next time...

Making memories

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