Friday, June 2, 2017

Life Lately

We officially began our summer break and bucket list yesterday, June 1st.  And I'm mostly caught up on all of my blogging! Woo hoo!!!  Summer is here!  I thought I'd do one last photo dump of anything that didn't make it into the last few weeks.
We love the library!!  We reserve books and movies, go in and play, and try to find new gems.

He told me he was working on his pirate eye. Arg!

These 3 love to have "Boppa Beast" fights.  On this particular day, there were superheros involved.  The pictures are always blurry, because they are always on the move!

Olivia doesn't drink milk. Therefore, she has never really had a bowl of cereal with milk in it.  I think she's tried it once.  She eats her cereal dry every morning.  So of course Logan does the same.  But he decided he want to try to eat it "like Boppa".  This is his proud face, because he finished it! :)

I guess our couches needed some extra padding?!?! :)

Olivia finger painted a picture of Moana.  She's on her boat and holding the heart of Te Fiti.  Not bad!

My sister sent me Shari's Berries just because.  YUM!!!  Olivia was mad that I didn't share the chocolate covered strawberries, so we'll likely be making those soon. (I did share the cherries with her.) :)

Olivia with her library card.

Olivia said she wants to travel to every state and try new foods.  (She also wants to travel to Mexico with my friend, Paola, her babysitter and teach them English.  Girl has goals!)  One of the things she's been wanting to try was sushi.  I usually get one that is more on the spicy side.  We went to a Japanese place and I let her try one that was just basic.  She said she liked it.

She ate all her food and wanted more, so I got her a shrimp wrap.  That was her face when she realized she ate carrots.  She strongly dislikes carrots. Ha ha!  I know... she needs to be in drama class.  I'm told often.

Our last life group of the season was a fun family night.

The boys watching the dads play corn hole.

Some of the girls watching the fire.  We will see them for fun events once a month through the summer, and then start back up in the fall. We love our life group!

Learning how to make toast!

We met our friends Heather and Nadia at the splash pad last week.  We nearly had the place to ourselves!  Two days later I saw on Facebook that it was PACKED. 

It was a little cold, though.  So after an hour in the water we headed to the park section.  
It was a good day.

Michael has wanted to take the kids to a Japanese steakhouse for hibachi for a while now.  We finally went last week.  Olivia was not pleased.  She was pretty sure she was not going to like anything. Then she tried the soup and loved it.  She ate hers and Michael's!

Of course we got a great show, which they also really liked.

When the flames went up. Ha ha!
They ended up loving it.  You know Olivia and white rice!  She enjoyed her chicken, too.  She's already asking to go back!

We went to Ikea to buy Logan a mattress and left with bunkbeds and two mattresses.  What?!
Logan was sleeping on the same bed and mattress that we've had since Olivia's birth.  He would have been fine in the converted crib for a while, but the mattress was starting to fall apart.  It didn't make sense to buy another crib mattress, so we were just going to go with a twin.  These are shorter bunk beds, but they were a really good price.  So we went with it and the kids are in heaven!

Look at that smile!  And those dimple!  He put himself in the footrest and kept popping out.  Cutie!

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