Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Vacation Bible School

Olivia went to Vacation Bible School last week.
She's gone to the one by our house for the last few years, but now that she's in elementary they do theirs at night.  I just figured a day time program would be better for us and our schedule, so we signed up for the one at the church where our MOPS was.  It's a little bit of a drive for us, but it's familiar to her (and me!).

Every day had different themes.  She enjoyed crazy sock day.  She didn't have any socks that weren't no show, so I bought a two pack.  She thought mix matching was fun.  And you can't tell, but the one with the unicorn had yarn hair hanging off.

Crazy hair day = 7 different braids sticking out randomly

The good thing about going to the place where we went to MOPS was that I had people looking out for Olivia and sharing information with me. ;)  My sweet friend Shaye sent me this picture of Olivia from their morning assembly.

I didn't get too many pictures in general. There were over 900 kids that attended.  I walked her in the first day, but after that I just did car drop off because the parking lot was crazy.  And for pick up it was mandatory that you did car pick up.  So I only went into the building on the first day, and the first day is always the craziest!!  It was nice to have others send me pictures!

Shaye also sent me this one of Olivia on the stage. She hadn't even told me about it, so I was able to ask her about it and her face lit up.  Later she told Michael, "It was always my dream to go on stage, and my dreams came true." Ha ha!  Only a little dramatic...

My friend Jessica was her teacher.  She sent me a message letting me know.  She said Olivia was super cute and smart, and that I was doing a good job as a mom.  That's always nice to hear, because lately I often feel like we're failing at some aspects of parenting.

Olivia had an awesome time.  Just as I knew she would.

Most of the days we just went home, but we did run a few errands on the first day.  We got to the mall before the stores were even open, so Logan had the play place to himself.

I'm not going to lie... I started dreaming about the day where I can just drop them both off and have a break.  Won't that be glorious? ;)

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