Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More Catch Up

The kids got a membership to the Heard Natural Museum for Christmas.  We headed there one Saturday to do some hiking and exploring.  They love it!

Best friends!

More reading!

Doesn't everyone watch TV like that?

He made his own light saber, which he calls a power sword.

Oh, this child.  He challenges me more than any other thing in life.  But he sure is cute.

I just love this.  He pulled up his chair to the library book basket and just sat down and started reading.  Can you tell that we emphasize reading around here? :)

More helping in the kitchen

On April 8, 2006 we went on our first date.  So each year we try to go on a date around then.  This year it happened to actually fall on a Saturday!

I posted this on Facebook... but this is the truth.  If I'm sitting, one or both of them are sitting on me.  Always.  And while sometimes I could just use the space, I know that my time to be hugged/climbed on/snuggled is short in comparison, so I'll take all I can get.

And sometimes... we're just crazy.

We were out running errands one Saturday, so we ended up trying out a new pizza place.

Target was a little decorated for the new Mario game coming out.
Sidenote: Logan calls Mario oreo. :)

When I'm at work, the kids go on adventures with Boppa.

Olivia and Michael were working on something too complicated for Logan, so he and I made cupcakes together instead.

Olivia took it upon herself to try to get Logan to eat his fish.  It was pretty funny.

We met our Ohio friends at a park near their house for some fun.  My kids love sandboxes!  Especially Logan.

I got the day off again for mother's day.  They made me cards, bought me coffee and donuts, and then left for the day to do their own thing.  I ate my breakfast in peace and quiet while watching a new show I recently got into.  Then I got ready and did a little shopping. We met up later for dinner.
The kids had a great time.  They got to go on a walk around a lake, see a movie, swim at the pool, and get fun snacks.

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