Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Well, I have like 8,000 pictures since I haven't been great at blogging.  Here are some of the things we've been up to the last few months.  I think most of these are from February and March.
 (Hangs head in shame.)

Some mornings just have to start with snuggles.

These two love to be helpers!

And since she loves to help, she's started learning how to load and unload the dishwasher.


Olivia's reading took off, and she is constantly reading to herself or to Logan!

Just a typical day with this one!  Yes, the dresser is attached to the wall with safety mounts.

I was working on my grocery list, so she decided to work on hers.

Cheese, yogurt, milk, chips, salami, orange juice, cheese sticks, pepperoni. 

We had a birthday party at play street, and they had the new astronaut stuff.  Which was perfect for Olivia, because she was in a space stage at the time.

Sleeping with his baseball hat on.

Reading about space!

One day I was cleaning out the garage, so the kids were playing in the drive way.  Olivia grabbed one of my old teacher books and started reading it.

Then she took it inside and wrote herself a little award.  Olivia is responsible for her choices.  I feel like this makes me winning at life right here. :)

I sent the kids to play in the backyard on one of our first nice spring days.  Apparently they got hot.

A trip to the mall

This might be a little hard to see... but when I clean the kitchen floors, I put the table chairs in the living room.  The kids like to play on them, climb, use their imagination.   On this day, they were reading books while riding on the train.

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