Tuesday, May 30, 2017

3 Things

It's been a while since I did a "3 Things" post.  I figured since I was behind on blogging that this would be a good way to catch people up.  Honestly, our life is pretty routine, but I suppose there may be a few things I haven't shared.


1. A few months ago Michael started volunteering on our church's Tech Arts team.  Which means he helps with the lights, cameras, slideshows, etc.  You know--all of the technical stuff that is right up his alley! :)

2. Moms do a pretty good job of having play dates and Mom's Night Out (at least in my circles), but it's harder for guys to connect.  Some of the guys in our life group needed a little extra support in the parenting and marriage department... so Michael started organizing Guys Night Out for them.  It's a little harder to organize, because guys are a little less intentional than woman, but they have been trying to get together once a month.  It's good for all of them.  Even if the planning gets complicated. :)

3. He also found a local gaming store that has free events for people to come and play games together.  He hasn't gone on a regular basis, but it's nice to have that option.  They play games that he enjoys and it is a way to meet new people with like interests.


1. MOPS has come to an end.  I had my ups and downs when it came to being on the steering team, but I LOVED my table.  We actually all went out together last week, even though MOPS ended at the beginning of May.  We planned a night out for every month of summer.  We all get along so well, and I've even made on of my new best friends from this group. (Hi Heather! :)

I'm not going to be in MOPS next year.  I could move to Moms Next, which is for moms with school age kids, because you can bring homeschoolers.  But I really just want/need a year off.

2. Work. Well, work is work.  I got moved from the service desk to hardlines.  It actually has been good for me, but the circumstances behind it were an injustice and that burns me up more than anything.  It is a lot less stressful.  My new position is more physically demanding, but way less emotional and mental.  Plus, in unrelated news, my boss got moved to a different store (another injustice--catching a theme?).  Thankfully they have still worked with me and my hours and I still have a lot of people in management who love me.  So for now I'm sticking around.  But it was rough for a bit.

3. One thing that is helping me cope (ha!) is that we are planning a SECRET (as in my kids don't know, so don't tell them!) trip to Disney World in November.  Back in January Michael said that we needed to make it happen this year.  This will likely be the last year where Olivia thinks that the princesses are actually the real princesses.  So my new hobby is planning this trip. I have read, listened to podcasts, researched, reached out to the free Disney planners... I have lists upon lists.  The planning is so fun for me, so that's what I'm doing in my "free" time.


1. This almost 6 year old is having a big month.  Not only did we just go on her highly anticipated trip to the water park, but she also lost her first tooth!  We didn't even know it was loose.  She put something in her mouth, felt like her tooth was loose, wiggled it with her tongue, and it just popped out!

The tooth fairy visited and left her a note, a small toy, a glittered $5 bill, some glittery coins, and some jewels.  She was thrilled!

2. She also got her very own library card.  She saw a cartoon and read a book about a character getting her own library card.  I told her when she could read the books that she wanted to check out, that she could get her own card.  Well, she can definitely read the books, so she got her own card.

3. This Sunday is "Move Up Sunday" at our church.  So she will be leaving the comforts of the 5 year old class and moving to big kids church.  There are first through fifth graders in there, so it is a BIG jump for her.  I'm sure she will love it, but mommy might be a little nervous.  ;)  How did we get here so fast?


I mean... I don't even think I have 3 things for this guy.

1. He likes to decorate himself. And his rug. Blue is his favorite color.  Can you tell?
2. He's not potty trained, because pooping in the potty is not his thing.
3. Pray for me.  And send wine. :)

All the prayers.  All the coffee. Cheesecake accepted for emotional eating. ;)

I will say in his defense, that whenever I have to drop him off anywhere (MOPS, church nursery, Bible study, etc) the teachers ALWAYS says how sweet of a boy he is.  There was even a time at MOPS where I had to be there early to help with something, so a different MOPS mom was watching the group of helper's kids until the regular teachers arrived.  I didn't know this particular mom, but she sought me out later.  She asked me if I was Logan's mom and told me how much she just loved him.  She went on and on about how sweet and cute and kind he was.  I said thank you and said something about how he can be a handful at times.  She said she just didn't believe that, and that she was a fan of his.  So he may be a bit much, but he has fans. :)

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