Friday, May 26, 2017

Klyde Warren park and the Art Museum

I have been wanting to visit Klyde Warren park for a while now.  So when we were going to have some cooler temps in April, we headed down to check it out.

I brought the kids a lunch, and Michael and I ate from a food truck.  We got to watch people doing all sorts of fun dance moves on a stage while we were eating.  They were doing some break dancing and spinning on their heads, and Logan found it very interesting!

After lunch we walked over to the kids play places.

The park is near downtown and is literally on an overpass.

It had a lot to offer, but it was a little colder than we expected, so we kept moving.
There is water to play in on a warmer day.  They have shelves of books.  There was a cart where you can get board games from.  It's free!  They also have a small putt putt area, croquet, and a dog park.

After we played outside for a while, we took a FREE trolley ride!

It's an old school trolley, and you could turn the seat to face each other.  So at one point we were all riding together.

After that, we headed to the Art Museum.  It's right across the street from the park, and is actually where we ended up parking. It is also FREE to get in.  You have to pay to get into special exhibits, but the free part was more than enough for us.

They have an area near the kids section where you can make art out of random scraps they have lying around.  Then you can put it on a shelf for display, or take it home.

Logan was thrilled to be able to partcipate--and use tape and sciccors. :)

If you've ever read the book Olivia (the pig), then you know she goes to the art museum.  She see's this painting and thinks that anyone can do it.  So she goes home and recreates the painting on her wall.  So when we saw it, our Olivia had to take a picture in front of it! :)

Logan started melting down at that point, so it was time to head home.  He was asleep within minutes of getting in the car.  It was a pretty good Saturday, though.  And relatively free!  We will for sure do it again some time!

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