Thursday, January 19, 2017

The New Olivia

You may remember that Olivia had about a dozen goals for this past year.  Guess what?  She pretty much accomplished every single one of them!  She's pretty proud of herself too.  And rightfully so.

So I asked her about her goals for this year.  Her goal is to get to the top of rock wall #2.  It's quite a bit harder for her that wall #1, so it is a challenge.  But she's determined.  I love that!

And she decided to start the year with a new look.  She's been talking about cutting her hair for a few months now.  Really, she was just sick of the tangles. (And we were using all sorts of products to try to make them better.  It's just the type of hair we have.  I'm 37 and sick of the tangles!) I wanted to make sure she really, really wanted to do it. So we sat on it for a few months, talked about it, looked at pictures, and made a plan for after Christmas.  She never wavered.

Her hair grows pretty fast, so I told her if she didn't like it she could always grow it back out.

She insisted Emily come along and sit next to her.

So. Much. Hair.

We went to the girly place, so they put it in braids (which looked kind of funny). But she got glitter, and scented spray, and hearts on her cheek and a sucker.

I thought about growing out her bangs, and we had been wearing them pinned back for a few weeks. But I gave her the ultimate decision and she said she didn't like how she looked with a bare forehead and wanted to keep the bangs (cowlick and all).  So we are back to bangs.

I think Michael was a little hesitant about cutting it at first, but he just told me the other night that he thinks the cut fits her personality just right.  I agree!  

Love her and her spunky personality!

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