Monday, January 23, 2017

Play Street

Olivia learned about a couple of different farm animals during the month of December.  Of course, I visit to a real farm would have been fun... but not really a December activity.  So after all of the kids headed back to school, we took advantage of the low crowds and headed to a farm themed play place!

We've been to the Play Street in Frisco a couple of times, and the kids love it. That one has more of a city theme.  The McKinney one is newer, and we hadn't been yet.  The kids had a blast!

Logan in the ice cream shop.

They have a life size cow that you can "milk".  Logan screamed the first time it mooed at him! :)

Olivia thought it was awesome!

Got milk?

Logan warmed up to him, and eventually gave it a try.

Tending to the horse

Shopping at the farmers market


Logan enjoyed playing with the floam.

I sent this picture to Michael.  Logan was playing with balls, and Olivia was crafting in the background.  A perfect place for both!

Her rainbow

Our little engineer... he built these pipes and then was disappointed that the water didn't actually turn on.  What a mess that would be!

Olivia made us a menu at the craft table, and then served us up some yummy goodness.

We played all morning.  This place is literally right across the street from Michael's work.  So we left and picked him up for lunch--a special treat for everyone!  The kids can't wait to go back.

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