Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Word

It seems entirely fitting that I would be writing a new years post for the 10th day of the month... ;)

Even though I didn't write this post earlier, I have actually put a lot of thought into it.  Each year I choose a word for the year (over doing a resolution).  Some words in the past have been journey, to be, and last year was hope.  I actually did think on my word all throughout the year.  I heard a speaker say that to have hope you have to exercise the muscle.  I feel like that is exactly what I did last year. There were times when I though, "hope was a dumb word.  I have none."  But then there were other times where I could see the "light at the end of the tunnel".  In all situations, I did attempt to have hope and to put my hope in the right Source.

So when I thought about this year's word, I spent the last two months of the year throwing around ideas in my head.  Some of those words were grace... gratitude... balance... and simplicity.

I was pretty set on simplicity... or to simplify.  I've been slowly working towards this goal for a while now, but it all came to a head during the month of December.  I need to simplify my life. Simplify the thing in my life.

But then as I showered on New Year's Day, and thought over what my ultimate goals were, I realized that simplify doesn't really cover all areas.  After some contemplation I decided my word would be....


I need to be intentional with my time.  I need to be intentional with my money.  I need to be intentional with my belongings.  I need to be intentional with my schedule.  I need to be intentional with my mothering.  I need to be intentional with my marriage.  I need to be intentional with my friendships.  I need to be intentional with my thoughts and attitude.

And by being intentional, I think I will inadvertently simplify.  So that's what I'll be working on for 2017.  What about you?

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