Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Texas Snow

It seems like everyone jokes about the weather in their respective state. But I will say that we sometimes get some crazy weather around here.  A few weeks ago, we literally had a 35+ degree difference in a 24 hour period of time!  It's nuts.  It gets cold, and we pull out the gloves and hats and bundle up.  Then it's warm and we are walking around in short sleeves.  Then two days later we are back to hats and scarves.  You just never know.

A few weeks ago we got a special little surprise... SNOW!
Olivia has been waiting for snow for a while now.  She was thrilled!  It wasn't much, and it certainly wasn't anything you could pack, but it was still fun.

She remembered her friend Avery telling her that she liked to eat snow.  So she has been wanting to give it a try.

There was just enough on our patio table for her to give it a try.  It's the simple things in childhood. ;)

He wasn't quite as excited about eating it, but he always follows Sissy's lead.

We didn't stay out long, because it was cold.  But when it snows in Texas, you have to at least experience a little of it.

Snow is fun!

And when you play in the snow, you must enjoy some hot chocolate afterwards!

Love this cutie with crazy hair!

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