Thursday, January 5, 2017

Auntie Love

My sister was suppose to visit in October, but had to change her plans due to a work conflict.  So she came the second week of December.

The kids love any visitors, but they especially love their Auntie Ang.


We did some playing, some shopping, and we made Christmas cookies.

Waiting for the cookies to bake

Time to decorate

The kids had a blast!

We also went to Babes one night for dinner, and then walked around Frisco Square looking at the lights.

Of course the kids enjoyed it.  Especially the fake snow that shoots out every 15 minutes.

It was actually pretty cold that night, so we weren't out long.  But it was worth it!

We ate at yummy places, watched cheesy movies, shopped, played with the kids, shared the latest gossip in our lives, and just hung out.  It was a great distraction from my busy month.

Oh.... and we went to Waco.  There are too many pictures to share here, so you'll have to come back tomorrow. ;)

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  1. You have the sweetest babies!! :) <3 They crack me up!! :D

    Soo much fun!

    Love you,