Monday, January 9, 2017

New Years Eve

We actually had a really fun New Years!  Our life group hosts decided to throw a kid friendly party, and it was perfect for our little family.

They made carne asada, which is one of our group favorites.  Really, most anything they make is fantastic.  So we all enjoyed a really yummy meal.  Then the play began.
Our friends brought their bounce house.  The kids went between that, the trampoline, the swings, and all the toys in the play room.

A little blurry, but the girls had a great time switching off on the swings and pushing each other.

The adults had a corn hole competition.  A few also competed at ping pong, too.

They built a fire

And we made s'mores


After a little while the kiddos settled into the theater for a movie.

When it was about time for the families with babies to leave, we all got hats and noise blowers to count down the new year.

Netflix had a kids countdown that you could turn on at any time. There was dancing and fun and we all counted down. Then we had all sorts of poppers.

It was very noise, and quite messy, but lots of fun.

C'mon, 2017.  Let's do this!

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