Friday, September 23, 2016

The Dentist

Remember when I was writing my monthly goals out?  Y'all probably thought I forgot about that, huh?  I didn't!  I spent the month of June preparing for Olivia's birthday party.  I spent the month of July preparing for school.  I spent the month of August preparing for MOPS and all of my duties that went along with that.  Of course, that was on top of working 4 nights a week and everything else on my plate! ;)  So I actually have been doing stuff.  It just hasn't made it into a goal post on my blog.

BUT we did accomplish one of those goals (last month!) and that was get the kids to the dentist!
I had so much going on that Michael ended up just picking someone from our insurance plan.  He set up the appointment and everything.  Bless him!  And he did a great job, too.  I loved the office he chose!
The kids names were even on the TV when we got there.

They loved that there was a little play are and Aladdin was on the TV.

The office was so cool!  Right around that wall Olivia was getting X-rays, and there were 3 different ipods set up at different heights for waiting kids to play.

Obviously it's been a while since I've been to a dentist.  I didn't even know they did x-rays with this hand held thing!

No x-rays for Logan, but he did get his blood pressure taken with this fancy automatic machine thing.

Then, the kids got a bag to fill with new toothbrushes, paste, stickers, and more!

They got to pick a movie (for the ceiling) and she wanted to keep watching Aladdin.

The dentist was great!  She didn't even mind Logan watching.  There were Bible verses on the walls and Christian music playing.  The whole experience was just wonderful!  And no cavities!!!

Logan chose to watch Cars.  He did really, really well.  No cavities for him, either!

We'll be back in 6 months! :)

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  1. Fabulous dentist office. How do you find these places??!!