Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gulf Shores, Day 2

Even though we used sunscreen, we all ended up with burns.  Thankfully, the kids only had it around their eyes.  (Who puts sunscreen on eyes?)  And Olivia had a little on the side of her face.  But Michael and I got it pretty bad.  In fact, my chest is still burned, and my back is peeling worse than I think it ever has.  So on the second day, we opted to take a break from the beach/sun and do other fun things.

There is a train museum that is FREE to the public. We knew Logan would love it, but it was actually pretty neat for everyone.

They got to push the button and make Thomas blow his whistle.

There were so many details to look at!

Logan was ringing the bell.

All Aboard!!!

We waited a little extra for the rain to stop and the little train ride to show up.  It was also free, and it was the longest (little) train ride I've ever been on.  We got to drive all around the area.  The kids loved it!

We left the train museum and headed to Lambert's for lunch!
Lambert's is home of the throwed roll.  The literally throw the rolls at you!  There is a Lambert's in the Ozarks near where I went to college.  So my family is familiar with it.  This location is the original one, though.  And of course, the kids had never been.  Olivia decided to try shrimp on this trip, and loved it.  She had it for three meals! (another first!).  She also tried fried okra twice.  The first time she thought she liked it, but by the second time she was not so sure anymore.

After lunch we headed home to relax.  My dad and Judy live in a retirement community where it is nice and quiet.  They have a large screened in porch that we sat out on and played games.  They also have a dog that the kids could not get enough of!  Olivia even got to walk him once.  She was very proud! (another first!)

You can't tell from this picture, but Grandpa set up the hammock for them.  It was their first time even seeing a hammock, much less swinging in one.  They weren't so sure what to think, but they enjoyed it.

Logan took advantage of us playing games, and took over Olivia's kindle.  He almost never gets to play with his, so he was pretty pleased.  He talked Grandma into helping him out.

We went out for pizza.  Olivia was being silly, and my dad decided to copy her.  This picture is great!

Crazy kid!

Olivia asked to see the pictures of herself.  Then she took one of us.  Not bad for her first time ever taking a picture with a phone!

I didn't grow up going on too many beach vacations (we went once that I can remember!).  But Michael did, and he said the one thing they always did was go karts and mini golf.  Touristy places always have those in plenty.  We had driven by multiple ones, and he really want to do this triple level track that he saw.
So we took the kids on their first ever go kart ride!

Logan and I were the last ones to get in a kart before we started, so I took our picture after the ride.  Which is why we look like a wind blown mess.  He was just barely tall enough to be a passenger.  I was nervous, so I drove with one hand and kept my hand on his leg for the entire ride! :)  He loved it at first, and then about half way through he told me to stop the car.  Sorry, kid.  No can do.  But I think he had a blast.

I don't know if you can even call what we did mini golf.  Really, we just knocked the balls around like crazies.  It got really humid, and we were all hot, tired, and sweaty. We didn't even make it the entire 18 holes before mommy called it a game.

Logan tried for a hole or two, and then he figured out that he could just pick up his ball and drop it in the hole.  And that was their first mini golf experience.  It was home to bed from there!

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