Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gulf Shores, Day 3

Sunday was our last day.  We had a slow start.
I'm pretty sure I was still sleeping when this picture was taken. Logan and Grandpa were playing dominoes.

Olivia was loving all of the games we played.  She learned how to play UNO, two ways to play dominoes, and yahtzee.  All firsts for her!

We ate lunch, and then headed to the beach again!
This time we went to a public beach.  It was busier, but not too bad.

It was a little overcast, which was actually nice because of our sunburns. The sun beating down on them was painful.

I took less pictures on this day, because both kids were in the ocean swimming more.  So that meant I could go in and swim with them.

We spent about 3 hours again, and then headed home to clean up and eat.
Olivia found some colored pencils and spent a lot of her time drawing everyone pictures.

The Justice League!

We told her we'd teach her turkey tracks, and she couldn't wait!

Overall it was a great vacation! The kids had a blast, and it was pretty chill and stress free for Michael and I.  Which is just what we needed!

We headed home on Monday.  It was a short trip, but that's what worked with our schedule.

We stopped for lunch at this place in Mississippi called Barry's (I think?).  It was kind of a last minute turn in here kind of thing.
Those are the 10 commandments there.  The sign above the door says, "In this house we serve the Lord.  Don't be surprised if you feel His presence here."  You don't see that every day!  The place was HUGE.  It was a buffet... which was also a first for the kiddos. :)  There were TV's everywhere that were showing Christian music videos like Kari Jobe and Michael W Smith. That as a first for me! :)

She filled her plate with fried chicken and hush puppies (which she loves), jello, raisins, and mac and cheese. Then she found out there was dessert and she got to choose what she wanted out of a whole display--heaven y'all!

Our last stop of the trip was for some chicken nuggets and Burger King.... where they got their first crowns. :)

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