Friday, August 12, 2016

Pet Rock

Our kids like to pick up rocks (and other craziness) when we are out and about.  A few months ago I was telling Olivia about how you can paint rocks and make a "pet rock".  So I thought it would be fun to put that on our summer bucket list.

But then we didn't have any rocks.  So I finally asked Michael to get some from the pond at his work.

They didn't necessarily aim to make a certain animal or design.  They just wanted certain colors, and then went to town.

Painting in the Pride Lands ;)

Gluing the eyes on

Her new pet rock :)

We have some water balloons to play with still, but other than that we are finished with our summer bucket list.  We did everything on Olivia's list except the basketball game--because, you know, there was no game to go to!  We didn't make it to fireworks this year (long story), and we attempted to attend a Michael's craft camp but it didn't work out.  All in all, I think we had a good balance of fun at home, out and about with friends, free activities, and some that cost a little bit of money.  The kids got to swim at least once a week, but usually multiple times a week, and they loved it.

Summer was fun.  Now bring on fall!

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  1. I nominate you for the Craft Mother of the Year Award. I'm definitely stealing your pet rock craft to do with Kaydence.