Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Boat Babes

Our friends from life group have a boat that they take out every weekend.  They are always up for friends to join, and send out an open invite every week.  We couldn't make it for most of the summer due to scheduling conflicts, but we finally got out there this last weekend.
We had swimming lessons first, so we didn't get out there until late morning.  They were running a little late, so instead of eating our picnic on the boat, we ate at the docks.  Besides a few ant bites, it was nice.

I mean... how cute is this little guy!?!?

It was the first time out on a boat for both of the kids, and they loved it!

Fast is fun!

He just kept telling me how fun it was, that it was great, that it was awesome...

Michael took them both out on the tube, and I think their faces tell it all!

They had a pretty long ride, and then eventually we hit a pretty big wave and they went overboard.  Michael had stopped holding on the the tube, because he was trying to hold them and keep their heads from bonking.  So when we hit the bump, they went flying.  Our friends sort of freaked out a little bit, but I wasn't worried.  First, they had life jackets on (and they know how to float in them), but second I knew Michael would be all over it.  And sure enough, we turned around and he had them both still in his arms.  No worries!  And the kids were unphased by it.

We drove over to a little beach area and parked for about an hour or so.  The kids had fun playing in the sand and in the shallow water.

Michael and Lance took a crazy ride on the tube together, and then at one point Lance surfed behind the boat for a while.  He's really good, and the kids enjoyed watching him.  Then when he got back in and we were headed back, Logan decided to practice his surfing.  Love him!

Landon and Olivia

The kids wanted to sit up from.  We're all covered up, because despite multiple applications of sunscreen, we were all already burned.  And we didn't last too long out there.  August in Texas = death!  It was so stinking hot.

We had a great day, though.  It was the perfect "end" to our summer and kick off to the school year.  Next year we may try to get out there before the temps hit 3 digits, though.  And hopefully go more than once!

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