Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Life Lately

We started school this week (more on that coming soon!), so last week was our last week of summer.  We had it packed full of fun, too!

On Monday we met our friends Lamar and Elise at the {{free!!}} Prestonwood play place.  This was actually Olivia's first time, and the last time I was there with Logan he still needed some help from me.

These pictures were actually taken before our friends arrived.  As soon as they got there, the kids took off and we didn't see much of them for the next 2 hours!  Logan climbed all over, including all the way to the top.  I'm excited that we are finally reaching the stage where I don't always have to be a spotter.

 On Tuesday we met our friends Sadie and Sophie at the bowling alley.  We always sign up for the kids bowl free program, but we seem to only make it once a summer.  I'm sure that will change once they get a little older.

They didn't even have shoes small enough for Logan, so we had to ditch them after he walked right out of them a few times.  And I also had to ask for the smaller ramp, because he wanted to lift the ball himself but it was too heavy/he was too short for the regular ramp.

 But they had fun! They didn't make it through the full 2 games, but when you are only paying for shoes, that's still an pretty fun/cheap hour.

I think in the future, we'll add on the family pack so that we can all take advantage during the hot summer.

Wednesday was the only day we didn't have somewhere to be.  So I asked Olivia if she wanted to bake her cake (that was on her bucket list).  She said, "Let me check my schedule."  She had drawn her own little calendar and drew a different activity on each day.  She looked, and said "It's not today's activity, but I guess it will be alright."  Yes.  She's mine. ;)

I let her choose the size of pan, and she chose round.

Her finished product!

On Thursday we headed to our library.  We did the music and movement class first, and then chose some new books and DVD's.

You probably can't even see them... but the instrument of the day was sticks.  Always an adventure with a two year old boy!

We finally made it to an open gym on Friday.  Olivia LOVES this place, and really wants to take Michael some day.  It's only open for open play two Fridays a month, so it makes it hard to get to sometimes.

It's suppose to be $12 for the two hours, but the sweet lady at the desk always gives us the members price which is $8.  Two hours of play for $8 is fantastic!

The preschool play is for 5 and under, so we can keep going through the school year.  But they also have a Homeschool open play on Friday afternoons.  It's nice to be able to have that option in the future!

She said, "If I make it across without falling, so I get a trophy?" Ha ha!

Where's Logan?

Just chilling!

I'd say that is a pretty great week of summer!  We've been working on our last few bucket list items.  Overall, I'd say it was a success!

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