Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our Weekend

We had a pretty fun filled weekend!
It started out with the usual cartoons, swim lessons, lunch, and then nap. But as soon as nap was over, we packed up and headed across the Metroplex to see our Ohio friends.

We started out at Chuck E Cheese.  We had some credit there, and all of the kids love it.

Our friends are having work done on their house, so they were staying in a hotel for a few nights.
They invited us to come swim with them.  These sweet babies have known each other their whole life!

Michael and John have known each other for nearly 25 years!  And we only live about an hour away from each other, so we are trying to be better about getting together!

These kids get along great, so it is a win for everyone!

After two hours at Chuck E Cheese, and two hours in the water, we spent a little time in their room playing UNO and watching cartoons.  We took 2 very tired kiddos home.

On Sunday Olivia and I went on a special "back to school" shopping date.  Even though she doesn't really need too many clothes or school supplies, I just felt like it was a right of passage (for her and mama!).  Even though we are homeschooling, I still wanted her to experience some of the same traditions.

She tried one of my sodas a month or so ago and decided she liked it, so she asked to order her first ever soda.  Besides a few sips here and there, neither kid has really had soda and we plan to keep it that way.  But I figured I'd honor her request since it was a special day.  And really... she just wanted the cherries out of it! :)

She wasn't sure she even wanted to go on our little date.  She heard shopping and said, "Can we just skip the shopping part and head straight to the park?"  Clearly this right to passage was more for me than her. ;)  But when she heard cheese curds were involved, so agreed.  Then she said, "What did you expect?  You know I love cheese curds."  LOL!

We went right from our favorite appetizer to our favorite dessert.  So basically we ate a lunch of garbage.  But it was oh so good. :)

I explained to her that kids usually get new clothes around the time school starts.  And that she can choose a few items as her back to school shopping trip.  She has never really picked out her own clothes before.  I buy what is on clearance or at consignments and she tells me she loves it.  So it has worked for us.  She wanted everything in the whole department.  I told her that there was a shirt that said Inventor.  She really wanted that, but it looks like we may have to order.

My only rule was that it had to be fall clothes and not summer, because we already have enough summer clothes.

On our way from the clothes to the school supplies, we stopped in the toy section.  She had money from her birthday.  She chose this Lion Guard set.  We are full on Paw Patrol (Logan) and Lion Guard (both) over here.  This toy has been a hit!

This girl cracks me up.  She grabbed the first thing she found and said, "My very own notebook!" ... while hugging it.  She's only a *tad* dramatic. ;)  She has notebooks and we didn't really need another one. But I told her if she was going to get one, that she might want to get a fun one instead of a plain red one.

We got some glue, large construction paper, tape, another pair of scissors, and some dry erase markers.

Love her!

She chose her pencil box too!

Her picks!  She saw the sweatshirt and said, "It has a hood?! I need this!"
2 leggings, 2 sweatshirts, a hat and a pack of new underwear.

We ended our weekend with a special service at church.

It was a great weekend!

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  1. So much fun! I have never really taken the girls shopping either. I mean they run errands with me but I buy everything on sale also & they just wear whatever Ifive them! I'll have to plan a special date like this next year when Sadie starts kindergarten :)