Monday, August 15, 2016

Cowboy Up

I've mentioned before that I really do like working at Target.  Like with any job, there are things that annoy me.  And if you know me, which you probably do since you are reading this, then you know I can be a tad passionate about things.  But overall I really like my job.  One of the things I like most are the people I get to work with and the friends I've made.  One of my favorites is my friend named Sarah.  We are a LOT alike (only she's much nicer-ha!).  We just see things the same... when it comes to life, politics, raising our  children, and running the service desk.  Her family is relatively new to Texas, and she has 3 children similar ages to ours.  We've been talking for months about getting our families together, and it finally happened!

Michael and I have been to the Ft. Worth Rodeo multiple times, and Olivia has been but she was too little to remember.  Well, the Mesquite Rodeo was doing a back to school family night.  Kids got in FREE!  And if you want to certain auto stores you could get adult tickets for half off.  Sarah's family was going, and invited us along.

We showed up about an hour before the actual rodeo began, and they had all sorts of FREE stuff for the kids to do.  We started out at the bounce house, and then made our way to the pony rides.

Olivia got to learn how to rope a cow

Love these little Texans!

Sarah and I--Target BFF's!

There first ever cotton candy

Mommy had some too :)

Olivia had a lot of fun playing with Emma, but she took a break and asked Boppa to take her up to the very top of the bleachers.

It was a fun family night out with new friends.  We're already planning our next family date!

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