Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

This was our set up for Valentine's this year. Gifts for the kids, flowers for me, and I laid out all of the Valentine's books we've accumulated over the years (some from my teaching days).

I know what some of you all are thinking... "Since when did Valentine's Day turn into Christmas?"  But that isn't all from us!  In fact, I spent a whopping $3.50 combined!  I know you all don't really care, but finding a deal is just so much fun for me these days!

I got that fishing game for $1.48 on after Christmas clearance!  And that turtle book for ten cents!  Sometimes it just pays to work at Target! ;)  Michael's mom got both of the kids a new travel magnadoodle.  Ours was well loved and needed replaced.  Plus, we are thinking ahead to our vacation in May. These will come in handy!

My mom sent money to get the kids gifts.  Logan got that Hulk candy thing, which he loves because it talks and moves when you push the button, and new sunglasses!  (The train was a forgotten birthday gift.)

Olivia got the ($1.48!) Guess Who game and the ten cent lotions from us.  The Elsa candy is from my mom.  Also, she's been asking for a new coloring book.  We have a ton, but she really has colored nearly every page in them.  So she got a "Gigantic" Disney one.  Hopefully it will last her a few months. ;)

We heart attacked their doors as usual.

Olivia and Michael ran a few errands on Saturday, so she was with him when he bought my flowers and cards.  She picked out a card for me, so when she got home she made Michael a card. She informed him that he couldn't get it until Sunday, because that was Valentine's Day.  And that he should probably make her a card as well.  Her sweet Boppa came through.  He drew her a card, and on the inside was hearts and rainbows and giant letters that read "I love you".  She loved it!

It's really not about the gifts or how much was spent.  It's about creating fun memories and making my littles feel loved.  My holiday loving girl was in heaven!  And that makes it worth it!

Logan didn't quite understand what was going on, but he still enjoyed all of his treasures.

A friend gave me some fun photo props, so we tried to give it a try.

Ha ha!  I promised they had a good day! :)

We went to church, and then just had a usual old Sunday over here.  I shopped a consignment sale for the kids and Michael took my car in for some repairs.  Living the good life! :)

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