Friday, February 19, 2016

January Photo Dump

So besides the Zoo, park, MOPS play dates and a birthday party.... here is what we were up to last month:

This is what happens when you empty out of a tote of maternity clothes for donations.

Or this

Just a boy... wearing his Wonder Woman headband upside down... playing with a doll house

This one cracks me up.  So Olivia has a princess game on her kindle where you can move the princess around, along with some other little animals and decorations.  You can record yourself telling a story while you move the characters around, and then you can play it back and watch/listen.  Well, she went through this phase where she was making a terrible screeching noise.  She recorded it on the kindle and then kept replaying it.  She thought she was hilarious.  Her Boppa did not agree.  So he took the kindle away.  She drew this picture of her being sad, and then in the top corner is her kindle with a "no" sign through it. LOL!

Waking up is hard for both of us! ;)

I walked into preschool one day and heard all these awful noises.  Come to find out the kids got those New Years horns.  This was one time where I was thankful that there are things my child just does not "get".  She could not figure out how to make it make the noise properly.  I was not sad about this delay. ;)

Using her knives to help cut apples for dinner.  Yes.  My kids are quite expressive.

We had this whole big talk about trying new foods.  I made her ants on a log a she was so excited to try it.  Then absolutely refused to even try the celery. Ugh.

I mean, how can you not laugh?! LOL!

He's probably going to hate me for putting this on the internet, but one day he decided to just take his pants off.  Why?  I have no idea.  Then he put Olivia's crown on his waist as a belt of sorts.  He's a goof.

We brought "Hootie" the owl home from preschool for a week.  He came in that rolling suit case and then we had to write in a journal about his adventures. (Thank you, Michael for completing that homework assignment!)  Olivia was thrilled to have him at our house.  Side note: can you tell what her favorite color is?  Shoes... coat... shirt... sweatshirt... headband....

Just checking on his belly button.  He's obsessed.

Olivia's school had Donuts for Dads one morning, so Michael took her to school and got to have a little special time with her.  Of course, she was thrilled.  He is her "first favorite member of the family" after all.

Doesn't everyone eat lunch with sunglasses on that are too small?

We've had some nice weather this month.  So one day after preschool pick up, we headed out back with popsicles to play in the sunshine!

Exploring the beautiful dead tree...

That has us caught up on all of the January pictures.

We had a pretty busy month.  We did so much more that I don't even have pictures for!

*We celebrated New Years with our friends, the Carrillo's.  It was low key, and not on New Years Eve.  But it worked and was fun.

*We stayed late after church two weeks in a row to complete the Belong 101 and 201 class and are now members of our church!

*We had two amazing MOPS meetings where I made a cute Valentine's craft, ate yummy food, and heard sweet devotionals from some of our mentor moms.

*I had a mom's night out with the ladies from my MOPS table.  We just met at a Mexican restaurant and had chips and queso and guac and chatted it up for a few hours.

*I babysat one Saturday night for our friends so they could have a date night, and then Alycia babysat for us on another Saturday night so we could have one.  We are trying to do this once a month and so far it is working out nicely!

*We had two life group meetings.  We really love our church and our life group.  Olivia can't wait to go. We are planting roots and building great relationships. We are doing a Matt Chandler series on Phillipians that is really good!

*We had an extra Sunday night service at our church that they do every few months.  It's a worship service with a short devotional from the pastor.  It was our first time going to one of those.  I was still working on Sunday nights the last time they had one.

*I also went on a mom's night out with our church mom's group.  We met at a cute little local coffee shop.  I know a handful of moms from my life group and play dates I have attended, but I got to meet even more women from my church.

All that while still being a mom, wife, home maker... and working 20 to 23 hours a week!!!
(Now you know why my blog gets neglected. ha!)

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