Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Penguin Days

Every year the Dallas Zoo does something called Penguin Days.  You can go to the zoo in January and February (and this year, December too) for just $5 per person.  Logan is still free, so our whole family got in for $15!  We took advantage of some nice January weather and went one Saturday morning.
Our first stop was the elephants.  It's both of our kids favorite animal.  They were kind of far out at first, but eventually came closer to eat.

Our next stop was the giraffes

We paid the $5 to give them some lettuce and carrots.

We got there right at 9 when the zoo opened.  It was nice, because a lot of the animals had food laid out in strategic places so we got to see them up close.

Sweet babies

We eventually ended up in the kids area, and played for a little bit.

He's in a dinosaur egg

We petted the goats, too

We packed a lunch, so after seeing a few more animals we stopped to eat.
Then we hit up the reptiles, before calling it a day.

They had a Lego exhibit going on.  We saw a few of the creations (as seen here), but didn't spend a ton of time on it.  Maybe if we didn't have a little to get home for nap.

We left the zoo around 1, but the adventure wasn't over yet.  Right next to the zoo is a McDonald's that is all decked out in the zoo theme.  We stopped for a special ice cream treat!

A sweet success!

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