Monday, February 22, 2016

Prestonwood Baptist Play Place

So for those of you from not around here, we have a huge church here called Prestonwood Baptist.  Jack Graham is the pastor.  It's televised and all that.  I think there are 40,000 people that go there or something.  Anyway, the facility is really nice.  They have a Christian school and all sorts of other stuff.

Well, our church moms group just had a play date there at the beginning of this month.
And guess what?  It was FREE!  It was like a McDonald's playground but bigger, better, and cleaner!

It was on a Tuesday, so Olivia was at preschool and I just had this cutie to watch!

I'm not normally one to climb up into play places, but Logan went climbing and I was concerned about some of the coming down areas.  So I followed him.  The place was so nice and roomy that there were all sorts of moms up there, and I didn't have to duck and crawl around.  I could walk in most places!

There was a place near the top that had two pretty big slides right next to each other.  We went down side by side.
It was a little too fast for this guy and he fell back and bonked his head.  He's tough, though, but I made him sit on my lap for all of the other rides down it.

It was a great little place to play.  There were moms from our group and moms that were just there to play, and even with all of us there we didn't feel on top of each other.  There weren't any kids acting crazy.  It was just nice and easy.

In fact, we are going back this week with our MOPS table.  I love that this church is using their facility for things like this!


  1. Ok, how have I not heard of this? I know the church but didn't know that had a play space. Can you go for free?!

  2. This is a really nice place to bring your kids. I'm sure they'll have fun time there.