Tuesday, April 14, 2015

14 Months--Logan

This cutie turned 14 months last week!
I mean... those dimples and that smile! :)

He is not a baby any more.  He is a cute little toddler who is learning and exploring and growing daily!  I thought I'd give a little update.
I weighed him the other day, and he is back up to 23 pounds.

Like I've said, most of his summer clothes are 18 months (or 12 to 18 months), but he really fits into size 12 month clothes better.

He is still in size 4 diapers.

He wears size 12 to 18 month pedipeds/size 4 shoes.

He walks like a pro.  He pretty much never crawls anymore.

Often times he puts both hands behind his back when he walks, and it makes us crack up.

He has started dancing when he hears a good song. Also super cute!

He climbs EVERYTHING he can!  Yes, he did climb up that slide and then stood straight up.

He gets into everything he can.  If it is a small door, he will open it.  And then empty the contents of whatever was in it.

He loves shoes.  It doesn't matter whose they are.  He will find them and then carry them around.

Despite my joking, he actually does have some words.  Olivia had 40 words at 14 months.  We always knew that was "not normal", and never expected that any future children would do the same.  Logan has about 10 words.  Which actually is still on the higher side for his age.  He's just not always consistent with them.  The things he does say are: mama, boppa, ball, sissy (which sounds like 'tissy'), up, bye bye, nigh night, hello (while holding an object to his ear like a phone), uh oh, and thank you.

He also signs "eat", "more", and "milk".

He pretty much eats anything we give him.  If Olivia doesn't eat her food, we give it to him. :)  I joke that he is just like Michael.  He LOVES meat, but does not prefer pasta. ;)

He eats three meals a day, and sometimes has a snack.  He still drinks almond milk three times a day.  I remember at Olivia's 15 month appoint that they said she should only be having milk twice instead of 3 times, so that is what we are working towards.  He LOVES his milk, though.  So that's hard.

He still only has the same 8 teeth he's had for months.  I'm just assuming they are all going to come in at the same time. Fun.

His sleep schedule is much of the same.  He goes to bed anywhere between 7 and 8.  He wakes up around 7 each morning.  He still takes two naps, although I'm sure he will be giving up his morning one soon.

He loves balls!  That is his toy of choice. He also loves anything with wheels.  But he's pretty happy to play with remotes or anything else he shouldn't be playing with!  He also likes to play with his sissy.

When Olivia was his age, we were pretty careful about what and how much TV she watched.  She maybe got one show a day and even then it wasn't daily.  Now that big sister watches TV it is on much more.  But he couldn't care less.  Sometimes I actually wish that the TV did entertain him.  He just has no interest in it whatsoever.

He is just my sweet, cuddly, sensative little guy and I love him to pieces!! He may be a *tad* bit more needy that I would prefer, but we'll get there.  They are only little once, right! ;)

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