Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I set out the kids stuff the night before.  My mom sent some money for me to buy a few things, and then we just added to it.  I got them a joint gift of a bubble machine from my mom, and I got them both a hat to protect from the bright Texas sun.

They each got one toy.  Olivia has been asking for a Merida doll for a while.  She plays with her princess Barbies every day, so this seemed like a good fit.

Logan's toy was the last emergency vehicle in the go go smart wheels set.

They both got a pair of sandals, a chocolate bunny (Logan's was for me!), two pouches--because they are obsessed, extra bubbles, and a few eggs filled with treats.

You probably can't tell, but Logan got a swim suit and a tooth brush too.  Olivia also got some peeps.

We told Olivia that the Easter bunny was going to bring her a basket while she was sleeping.  So when she walked out of her room, she just stopped and said, "uhh... where is my basket from the Easter bunny?"
We told her to come in and take a look. She was thrilled.

She walked over, took a look, and then squealed about the Merida doll :)

Logan was all about the bubble machine!

Purple grape scented bubbles!

So cute!  Olivia loves her hat, but it is too small.  I'm hoping they have a similar one in the big girl section. 

Michael's basket

After some breakfast and some fun, it was time for Logan to take a nap and the rest of us to get ready for church.

We were running a little late, so this is about the best I could do.
I didn't buy any special outfits this year.  I'm glad, because it ended up being cold and rainy and what I would have picked probably wouldn't have worked. As it was, we were running around trying to find pants that fit Logan (with little luck!).

A lot of people have commented about how we can go back to our old church, but we actually aren't.  When we chose that church it was 20 minutes from our very first apartment (on the complete other side of a complete other city).  So now it would be a minimum of a 45 minute drive, plus tolls, plus traffic.  So we are trying to find something closer to home where we can get involved.

I've been dragging my feet the last month, because at first I didn't even have any clothes to wear. Literally.  And then I was just really nervous about how Logan would do.   He didn't enjoy getting dropped off, but to the surprise of both Michael and I, we didn't get called out of service.  Olivia loved her class.  We were a little late and then with all the time it takes to register kids at a first visit, we missed most of the praise and worship.  So we are going to check it out again.  There is also a church our friends go to that is about two minutes from our house.  So we might check that out too.

Our friends were suppose to come over, but they had to cancel due to illness.  So we just had lunch at home and a low key day.  I was still going to do the egg hunt for Olivia, but she had forgotten about it and had already eaten way too much candy.  So we just skipped that all together.

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