Monday, April 13, 2015

Hope Park

A friend recently posted a link to the "50 Best Playgrounds in America" and Hope Park in Frisco was #14 on the list!  We actually went to the park years ago before it was redone, and then again before moving.  You may remember many splash pad photos from our days there a few summers ago! :)

The weather was great on Saturday, so we decided to take the kids.  There are many parks closer to us, but none that are as good.  Plus, I knew that there were two parts. One section for bigger kids and one section for smaller kid, and I wanted to make sure there was stuff for Logan to do.

We packed a picnic lunch and ate before playing.

At first we were separated.  Logan and I went to the sensory wall and Michael was with Olivia.

Playing music!

Stinker won't wear his hat or sunglasses!

He loves to crawl through/under things, so this was great for him!

He thought peeking under here was hilarious!

A park where there are things for Logan to do too (and not insist on being held the entire time!) is an A+ in my book!!


We gave the swings another shot.  He actually liked it at first and was giggling, but he was whining before long.  At least we made progress! ;)


We finally got Olivia to join us.  She likes hopscotch!

She was serving us snow cones. :)

We left the park and headed to get snow cones.
Because that's what you do in Texas. ;)

Then we all went home and took a ridiculously long nap. (Some more than others--I think my napping days are over.)

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