Friday, September 12, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

These two are coloring fools!  They spend hours coloring together.

Early morning snuggles

He ate oatmeal!  I didn't really give Olivia cereal because I didn't find it to have much nutritional value.  But when this guy went on a food strike, I thought I'd give it a shot.  He gobbled it all up.  I sent Michael a text saying that I feel like there are many Thanksgivings in his future where he will be made fun of for just taking the meat and potatoes.  Michael responded that he was glad he wouldn't be the only one.  A few of you will get just how funny that whole conversation is! :)

Olivia's idea of a plank.  She huffs and puffs too. ;)

Yay for sitting!

She's just a little bit double jointed.  Just a little....

I'm obsessed with this picture and the beautiful boy in it!

We are diligently working on sitting criss cross...

The laptop lives on!

As close as we have gotten to crawling.  We've got a ways to go! :)

Sofia playing with Ariel

Bedtime stories are exciting!

Olivia is getting better at holding her pencil (marker) properly!  (Yes, that was her homework.  Yes, it is completely developmentally inappropriate.  Yes, I did have a discussion with the director.  You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but.... )

Bubby got an upgrade!  He grew out of the carrier in height, so we had to switch him to a convertible seat.  It is actually the one we used for Olivia in Michael's car.  Olivia is very close to growing out of her car seat in height (where did these giants come from?), so we will have to buy some new seats soon.

We had an impromptu lunch date at Chick-fil-a after preschool one day.  Olivia has discovered sauce--specifically CFA sauce--and she is a fan!

I hadn't put the cart cover in the car yet, but he did great in the high chair.  It was my first time out with two and not having him in the carrier.  It got a little crazy taking sister to the bathroom and not having the stroller to put drinks in, but we managed.  And so it begins....

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