Thursday, September 18, 2014

Emersyn's Birthday

Olivia has been talking about Emersyn every week since her visit here a few months ago.  Literally, every week.  She just brings it up at the most random times.  My cousin Sonja had invited us to come to Ft. Wayne for her party, so we decided to make a quick trip over. (It's a 3 hour drive).

We got in on Saturday evening and had dinner and hung out with some cousins and my aunt and uncle.  Then we hung out at my grandma's playing cards.  Olivia was so tired and was suppose to be in bed, but my cousin Erica had brought her kids.  So Olivia ended up just playing with Molly.

We didn't end up going to bed until close to 11:30.  I walked into the bedroom and Logan was laying in the pack and play with his eyes open.  He then cried and fussed for the next two and a half hours.  Yeah.  It wasn't a good night for this mama.  Had we been at home, I probably would have just let him cry himself to sleep.  He was fed and changed and just complaining to complain. But I was trying to keep him from waking my grandma...

Sunday we skipped church in favor of some sleep and then met Sonja's family for lunch.  After naps it was party time!

My cousin Erica with Logan

Sitting at the table eating was really about the only time she actually spent with Emersyn, but she still had a great time.

She even hit the pinata during her turn
(The few pieces of candy she got were collected by mommy and boppa. Because, well... you know.  Speed is not her gift. :)

After the (very wild) big kids got out of the bounce house, Olivia took a short go at it.  Mostly she spent time playing down the hill with Molly.

We left to head home soon after.  It was a quick trip, but good to see family.

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