Monday, September 1, 2014

Franklin Park Conservatory

We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory over the weekend!
It was raining, so it was a good day to do an inside activity.

We started out in the butterfly exhibit.

We left the house around Logan's first nap.  The hope was that he would nap in the car and then stay napping.  Yeah, nope.  Neither of my children seem to be able to transfer for car napping into normal napping.  So he got about twenty minutes.  Look at those tired eyes!  He loved looking up at all the trees and plants though.  We eventually took him out after it was apparent that he was just not going back to sleep.

Some of the areas had stairs, so one of us went with Olivia and one of us stayed down with Logan and the stroller.

The brown butterfly opens out into the pretty blue ones.

There was beautiful Chihuly glass all over.

There was a "tower" to climb up and I told Olivia it was Rapunzel's tower.

She really enjoyed the Koi fish.  I was sad, because you use to be able to buy some food and feed them but the machine was gone. She would have enjoyed that.

Do you see the butterfly?

They love landing on this glass.  See that blue blurry thing in the corner?  It's a butterfly!

Olivia and I climbed up another tower and looked down for Boppa!

Yep.  She's mine! :)

We left the butterfly exhibit and checked out the rest of the place.

This fun little fairy tale village was set up with a train going through it.

Checking out Rapunzel's castle

The macaw said "hello" to us!  Olivia said, "It's from Rio!"

Still tired!  We stopped for lunch.  Luckily, he fell asleep in his stroller soon after that.

Every weekend the Conservatory has a kids activity from 11 to 2.  This week's activity was making a butterfly mask.  Michael and Olivia are both on a huge coloring kick.  They spent a long time coloring while Logan was sleeping.

They ran out of time, but their finished products... Ha ha! They make me laugh.  Love them!

The rain had stopped and we headed outside. There was a giant maze that was the life cycle of a butterfly.  Olivia went through once with Michael and once with me.

We also watched a glassblowing demonstration.

It was a good time!

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