Monday, December 16, 2013

A little update...

It's been a while, huh?  We've had a little bit of an eventful week or two.  That's just the way we do it. :)

We got the keys to our new place on the 6th.  Unfortunately, the not so wise homeowners had turned the gas off back in July.  Even though we called a week ahead of time, the gas company couldn't come out until the 9th.

We did our walk through of the house (marking down and documenting every little scrape, mark, and stain) in the cold on Friday morning/afternoon. 

We moved all of the big stuff and most of the boxes on Saturday.  It was 24 degrees outside, so you can imagine how cold it was inside.  A big HUGE thanks to my friend Laurie for helping us out!

We didn't do much on Sunday, but we decided that Michael needed to sleep at the house. The gas company was to arrive sometime on Monday and he really needed to already be at the house and set up for work as to not miss a day.  So Olivia and I dropped him off with his work computers, blankets, and a space heater.  He stayed in one room the entire time and made it through the night just fine.

The gas company arrived first thing on Monday morning, which was great.  Unfortunately, there was a piece in the furnace that was broken/missing.  The property management company couldn't come and fix it until Tuesday morning.  (Believe me when I say we will be getting those 4 days of rent credited to us!).

We finally had heat on Tuesday and were able to start moving around the house and unpacking.  We sold a lot of our furniture before moving, so we are having to figure out the logistics of things.  As of right now, Olivia's room is mostly done.  Logan's furniture is in place, but that's about all for his room.  The bathrooms are clean and the kitchen is clean (thanks again to Laurie) and unpacked.  Our family room/play room is mostly in order.  We haven't brought the TV over yet and are still needing to pick up the TV stand that we picked out.  Other than that, everything is coming along slowly but surely.  I just hope to have things in place before Logan gets here.  We shall see....


In other news, I had my doctor's appointment last Monday.  I was 31 weeks at the time.  I was anxiously awaiting this appointment, because it was at my 31 week appointment with Olivia where things started changing.  It was the first indication of blood pressure issues and it was also the first time I started measuring ahead.  I was curious if we were going to have a repeat.

My blood pressure was "perfect" according to the nurse.  I can't remember the exact number, but I think it was something like 112/78 or something like that.

I measured at exactly 31 weeks, which was also good.

Logan's heart rate was 150.

Then my doctor dropped a bomb on me.  She is making me take yet another gestational diabetes test.  To say I am annoyed by this is putting it mildly.  I have gained half the weight that I had with Olivia at this point.  My blood pressure and fundal measurement were right on track.  There is absolutely NO indication that I am going to have issues OR that I am even having a big baby.

She is seriously stuck on the fact that Olivia was a big baby.  She is convinced that I had undetected late term gestational diabetes last time (even though it was never once mentioned last time).  She is also convinced that I am going to have a large baby that I can't fit out. UGH!

Obviously, if I do have gestational diabetes, or if I do develop it late, then I want to address it and do what I can to have a healthy baby.  I just think she is taking one piece of the puzzle and is fixating on it.

For the record, with my doctor's office in TX, they made me fast for the 1 hour test.  I passed "with flying colors".  My doctor here told me to eat a protein before my 1 hour.  I ate eggs and failed.  When I fasted for the 3 hour, I passed fine.  They took my blood 4 times and not one single number was elevated.  I'm pretty sure if I would have fasted for my 1 hour this time I would have passed.  It's so frustrating!

So... I have to go in, have my blood drawn to check my fasting number, drink the juice and then leave and eat breakfast.  Then I have to come back two hours after eating and have my blood drawn again to see how my numbers are.

Hopefully I will pass.  If so, this will be the last conversation we have about it.  Seriously.

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  1. We are saying prayers for you & your family as you continue to settle in. I cannot imagine having to move during the end of your pregnancy, especially when it's that cold outside :( Hopefully you will pass the gestational diabetes test & can move forward with a healthy pregnancy - it sounds you like are doing awesome this time! Much better than I have :)