Thursday, September 24, 2009

Totally ahead of the game!

Two months ago my friend and I went to a local street market. There were antique stores, booths full of crafts and food, and some junk. Let's be honest. People try to sell junk. You just have to hunt.

Anyway... I found a few treasures. One thing I picked up was this chicken wire pitcher for $3.

I had no idea how I was going to use, but I thought it was cute.
(Note: It has now been put to use.... pictures to come soon!)

Guess what's in the Pottery Barn catalog that JUST CAME OUT? A chicken wire fruit bowl for $29 and a chicken wire vase for $20. (I tried posting pictures from the PB website, but couldn't get it to work. Sorry)

While on my little shopping adventure I also decided to pick up this...

I decided I wanted to start collecting antique keys. I plan on using them for a wall decoration when we move into our new house.

Guess what's in PB's new catalog? You guessed it. Keys.


This kind of thing has happened to me a few other times as well. Like when my friend Laurie moved into her house a few years ago. I was her "decorating consultant". I suggested buying a bunch of different frames an putting empty frames all of her wall. I started to lay them out on the floor of JoAnn's, but she wasn't seeing my vision. Instead, we came up with a pretty cool compromise. She now has 3 frames (of same color and size), which are without glass, but have a gerbera daisy nailed into the middle. Guess what Martha Stewart came out with soon after.... empty frames on walls. Did I miss my calling? :)

What about this....

I made that lime and rose decoration (four of them) the morning of my wedding. Yes. I'm that crazy. Anyway, I used that wet foam, sliced up the limes, and slid them in between the wet foam and the vase. Then I stuck the roses in the wet foam to create a luscious arrangement. I LOVED them. I wish I would have made more. But anyway... you know what they are selling at Jo Ann's now? A vase that comes with what looks like a smaller vase inside. Only they are attached. There is a thin layer between the two vases so that you can stick your decorations (in my case, limes) in. Why didn't I market that two years ago when I made the original arrangement?


  1. You're so smart! Who knew I was related to such a genius designer?! :) You should come decorate my new house when I get one!! Please? :)


  2. I'll for sure come and decorate your home. I love it! :) I decorated my friend Laurie's and I'm in the process of helping my sister with her new house. I can't wait until I get a BIGGER house so I can do more!

    Thanks for reading!! :)