Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

I'm not sure what happened, but I feel like October just snuck up on me... and now we're a third of the way through!  Before the month got away from me, I figured we better head to the pumpkin patch!

We thought about trying a new place, but in the end we went to the same one we've been to in the past.

Love these two!

I always feel like Logan is just the same size and has hardly grown... but then I looked back at last year's picture.  Wow!  Suddenly my kids only have one pair of shoes that fit, and a pair of jeans that I thought would be huge on Logan could barely snap.  Apparently we are growing around here!

We fed the animals first.  They tried feeding the Longhorn, but he was not hungry.

We moved on to the cows.  This is about as close as she would get.  The cows had MAJOR slobber, and the kids were not having it.  But they thought it was great that Michael would feed them.  I was trying to hold back the gags.  I don't do animal slobber well.

In awe of her brave Boppa!

They had no problem feeding the goats and sheep!

They just laughed and laughed because it tickled.

He wasn't afraid at all this year.  Which was a huge difference from last year!


We attempted the hay maze, but had to abort that mission.  It had rained the day before and it was just one crazy, sticky mud pit.

So we hopped on the hay ride instead!

Logan wouldn't look at me because of the sun, but then he didn't understand what Michael was doing trying to block the sun. :)

Taking it all in

Olivia was over pictures... hence the goofy smile.

Love my people!

We let them each pick a small pumpkin, and we called it a day!

Pumpkin Patch: Check!

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