Thursday, October 13, 2016

Painted Pumpkins

We got the two small pumpkins from the patch, but then we headed to Aldi to get our other pumpkins for cheap!  We bought 4 giant pumpkins for $2.99 each!!

Then later that night we painted our pumpkins.

Last year we got some after Halloween pumpkin kits on super clearance (like 85 cents instead of the listed $10!).  So we painted with those in mind.  Logan and Michael worked together.

Then Olivia and I each did our own.  I thought for sure she would do exactly as the box said to, but she shocked me and decided she wanted to paint it on her own.

This picture cracked me up.  Michael had bent down to paint the bottom, and then suddenly Logan was doing acrobatics to get the paint at the bottom. :)

We also had a caramel apple, which is becoming a tradition as well.

Our finished products!  These plastic pumpkin sets were different and a fun twist for us.  However, I am glad that I bought them for super cheap.  I would never pay more than a dollar or two.  The kits did come with paint, but we just used paint we had on hand.  I've read some reviews that the paint that came with it didn't cover the pumpkin, so I'm glad we just went with our own.

And just for fun...




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