Monday, October 10, 2016

Art Class

We all know Olivia has a love for all things art.  It has been our plan all along to get her into an art class.  Almost all of them start at age 5, so we were just waiting for our school year to start and then add it into our homeschool schedule.
After vacation and having to wait for the new month to start, it was FINALLY time for her class!  It's actually a homeschool class.  I didn't set out to find one specific to homeschool, but I figured it would work well with our schedule.

She was beyond excited, and was counting down all week until the day arrived!
She will go for an hour and a half every Friday morning.  They will learn about different artists and styles, and use all different mediums.  In her first class she made something out of clay.

Her teacher seems really sweet.  She's big on kindness, respect, and appreciating everyone's art--no matter what.  Which is exactly what Olivia needs.

The art studio is in a house.  Each room is rented out by different local artists who teach.  I wasn't exactly sure how it would be set up, or how Olivia would do, so we just hung close for the first day.  We went and grabbed some breakfast, and then this cutie just sat up front with me and thought he was hot stuff.  When it's not raining, we may walk around outside.  The library is a half a block away, so we will probably head there some days as well.

Olivia ran out of class and said, "Art class was wonderful!  I just loved everything about it!" :)

The teacher wanted to check in and make sure she could handle it.  Even though 5 year olds are welcome, they really need to be able to follow the directions and do the task asked.  Olivia said she was fine.  After talking with the teacher, she felt Olivia would do well.  She said she was actually going to move her away from the other two 5 year olds and put her next to some of the other girls, so that Olivia could "rise to their level and be challenged".

I'm so excited for her and all she will learn.  As of right now, this is her one passion.  It makes my Mama heart happy to see her get to do what she loves.

Since art class is first thing in the morning, we still had time to head down the street for First Friday at the local church.

It looks like they had the place to themselves, but there actually were other children there.  Not many, though.  The rain kept people home, I think.

I love that this can be my Friday morning!  I wonder what kind of class I'll be driving this one to in a few years?! ;)

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