Monday, October 31, 2016

Frisco Square and Pumpkin Carving

Well, of course I'm weeks behind in blogging. :)  But since it's Halloween, I thought I'd try to at least catch up with holiday related posts before moving on.

Our church had a pretty casual "you can wear your costumes to church" thing and everyone got a small treat bag... So this was on our way to church.  

We went round and round about what they would be.  Eventually Logan chose Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so Olivia decided to match him and be Izzy.  And then I was talking to a MOPS friend and she said she had a costume we could borrow, so we didn't even have to buy Logan's!

After a small lunch break at home, we headed to Frisco Square for their Halloween activities.  We've gone each year (that we've lived in town.)

Look at his face!  He was thrilled he could just pick out whatever he wanted. :)

One thing we learned was to show up when it starts!  It gets crazy busy.  We showed up about 10 minutes before it was suppose to start and got half of it conquered before the crowds got crazy.


I don't know if we were in the right place at the right time, or if they had just gotten out there, but we stumbled on the princesses and there weren't any lines!  Olivia walked right up and told them she had been drawing them earlier in the day, and just started carrying on a conversation with them.  Look at Logan's face!  Ha ha!

We walked past this and Olivia asked for a picture. :/

We were there about an hour.  It was hot, and it had been a busy morning.  We were all ready for a break.  We got gas station icees to cool off, came home, and relaxed while watching a movie.

Then it was dinner time!  Since trick or treat is on a work night, I felt it might get rushed.  So I made our special dinner for us on Sunday.  We had mummy dogs, a ghost banana, pumpkin oranges, and some pumpkin peeps. :)

Her thrill and excitement always make it worth it!

After dinner, we carved our pumpkin.

Logan was not thrilled with the pumpkin guts.  It took some convincing, but he did finally try to dig some out.

Olivia did much better.

Another after season clearance find from last year-- we got these packs of luminaries for pennies!  So while Michael worked on carving, the kids put stickers on their luminaries.

The kids chose a cat out of the choices that we had.  

A cat pumpkin, skeletons, and luminaries...

It was a busy, but good day.  I love creating these fun memories with my little family.

We have princess trick or treating tonight, and then that wraps up our month of all things "spooooky".

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