Friday, October 14, 2016

Other Halloween Traditions

Well, we've been to the pumpkin patch and we've painted our pumpkins.  

Our house has been decorated for weeks.  Truthfully, I've never been all that into Halloween, so my decorations are minimal.  So one Sunday afternoon, Olivia and I had a date to Target where we bought some fun Halloween decor from the dollar spot.  She loves it (and Michael has always liked Halloween), so I like it for her.  Obviously we stick to bats and spiders and pumpkins, and stay away from the gross or overly scary.

While I was out of town the kids got a Halloween themed Cheryl's Cookie tin from their grandma.  This is two years in a row, so that makes it a tradition, right? :)

Michael's sister sent them a Halloween gift box--just like last year, so another tradition! :)  Halloween is her favorite holiday, and Olivia says it's hers too.  So Jenny hooks them up with all sorts of Halloween fun.  They got coloring books, light up rings, light up cups, stickers, treats, these pumpkin men they are painting, and the magnets on the fridge behind them.  The kids just love it!

We've been eating on Halloween plates (not pictured) and drinking out of pumpkin cups, and the BELOVED pumpkin/ghost peeps have been purchased and eaten.  Olivia remembers them from last year, and is overly excited every time she gets one for lunch.  She even made Michael take this picture of her eating her pumpkin. Ha ha!

Olivia's BOO shirt from last year *just* fits.  Even still, we hooked her up with a new Halloween shirt!  We're working on getting Logan one.  The boy selection is just never as good!  And I want a short sleeve one, because it's still warm here.  Hopefully we'll get him one this weekend!

One of their absolute favorite things is their glow in the dark skeleton pajamas!  They were running around like maniacs the first time we put them on.  They wear them every chance they get.  It's just so fun!

We still need to finalize their costumes.  Then we'll do trick or treating and we'll carve a pumpkin closer to Halloween as well.

Let the holiday fun begin!

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